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Auto Accident

My arm was damaged in auto accident for almost 2 years, Staff member told me to come in so I did. a few sessions over 6 months and I do not have to live in permanent pain. Dr. Manson treats you like family.-William Staab

Traumatic Brain Injury

I have lots of Traumatic Brain Injury symptoms--and I am awed, inspired, confident and and speedily improving under Dr. Manson's care. NO JOKE--my balance, vision, hearing and speech are returning week by week. Dr. Manson LISTENS AND HE KNOWS HIS STUFF. I have always responded well to chiropractor and naturopathic healing--and this office combines both--while utilizing scientific methods. Couldn't be in better hands.

Aaahh ChiroSpa exudes beauty, soothing, respect and confidence--from the interior design, check in stations, reception staff, office manager, intake exam--well, every atom in the place.

Medical massage provided by Lory Slade has been powerful healing element.

My insurance is accepted. Walk in and you will be as stunned as I continue to be. -NanDei McAnally

My Thanks

Let Me start with my age: 71
My pain: Had gotten a letter stating; Your Dr. May suggest surgery.
My Fear: Imagine 71 years old, enjoying laying pavers in the back yard, new to Albuquerque and scared to death that I was at the end of my active life.I went to a psychic fair and met a spiritual healer; she gave me a healing and told me I needed to see a chiropractor. I had seen one years ago in my 50s a nd had been satisfied with the treatments. I contacted my insurance Medicare and BC/BS, They cover it, so I looked for a provider in my area.
My experience: I can not tell you what they do. I can only tell you my experience. I could not stand for more that a half hour and I'd have to sit down. I was constantly Complaining of pain, my husband was worried, beyond words. On my first visit Dr. Manson DC-APC " SEEMED " strict and all business, no humor. I learned, he is a humanitarian who does not see you only as his patient, but as a person in Pain and In need of help and encouragement.
On this day: I am now being weened from my treatment. I started 1/2/18. I have had 9 sessions. I know treatments are different with each individual But, I know that, the treatments I have had, have gotten me to the point of getting back to Paving my back yard and planning trips of travel, with my Husband.
My THANKS: In my heart the Rainbow ends at this address and there is the Golden Treasure of health and the ability to see a bright active life.